Sunday, October 19, 2008

PS2 reverse engineering

In this world of gaming,there are many gaming modules as like ps1,ps2,ps3,xbox360.most of the people want to know how these rocking machines work n how they are made,so I want to tell the knowledge seekers that you can get your solutions here,let me tell you how.
i am a PS2 programmer i know almost everything related to this machine
i know how these machines are made how do these machines work at core level
of knowledge.first of all telling you about ps2 main board ,this should be known it's very different from computer motherboard and it's software programming is comparatively very tough than computer programming.In every digital thing works are done in 0 n 1's form,there is sea difference between a computer programmer n a Playstation programmer.many people asked me that can ps2 be connected to the pc or not ,it's possible who has software,this kind of software is available only to the companies who develop the games,if you know you can develop your own as connecting ps2 with workstation you can come to know about the problems of the console n can repair as well.there are three means by which you can connect the console with workstation,most of the people want to play ps2 games on emulators like:
pcsx2 ---------------------------5%
go game ps2-------------------8%
ps on pc------------------------8%
plannser etc.------------------9%
in my knowledge there are about 13 emulators available as above emulators
i develop my own emulator i call that ps2.
ps2 (my own emulator)---------97.8%
i tested it on many games
smack down2007
God of war 1 n2
call of duty 4
san andres
cricket 2007
and on 209 more games.
i play and finished the game perfectly like you play on your console
i play those games by keyboard n mouse people surprise seeing the ps2 games running on my computer and that too with keyboard n mouse.
Sony has its own platform to run their games,they have their own os for workstation and that's not available anywhere.i have seen their OS and i have all the knowledge regarding that and my partner together made our own OS which took three n half years .i play PS2 games on my os like you play crysis on your games need not to be installed i just click the .cnf file and game launches itself.i develop games on my OS for ps2 those games run smoothly on ps2 machine.those games are a few small in size like 250 mb but rich in graphics.i tested my games on several consoles and found no problems.
if you want to know more about this you can mail me
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